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Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry

To submit a prayer request fill out the online form.

Prayer is important to us here at St. Paul's. We have an active and passionate prayer team that meets every Tuesday morning at 10:15 am. We invite anyone to submit a prayer request. 

We pray for families, individuals, those who are sick, and anyone struggling emotionally and psychologically. We pray for events and ministry. Suffice it to say, we take prayer seriously and devote a couple hours each week to sitting together, bowing our heads and lifting up prayer request and the people on our hearts and the hearts of those in our community. 

Please feel free to contact us if you'd like us to pray for you. 

For prayers you'd like to remain confidential, contact Laura Goodsell. She is the prayer ministry leader and organizer. Or you can fill out the prayer request form below. 

You can also contact the church office.

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