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Children's Resources

Everyone has 5 minutes of free-time each day: in the morning, afternoon or evening. 

5 minute Children's Bible devotions


That's what makes the "Five-Minute Bible Devotions for Children" so great. Each day, you can read with your child a different section of the Bible. It's a little different than the typical Bible, in that it reads in such a way that is easy for children to comprehend; it reads like a children's book and there are pictures! There are questions at the end of each section. The questions are what make this book so special. The questions allow you to talk with your child about what they just read. And your child gets to talk with you about their faith in Jesus. 




There are at least 4 different Children's Bible Devotions books. 

My Big Book of 5-Minute Devotions: Celebrating God's World

5-Minute Bible Devotions for Children: Celebrating God's World as a Family

5-Minute Bible Devotions for Children: Old Testament

5-Minute Bible Devotions for Children: New Testament